Swimwear entrepreneur, 30, reveals how she made $80,000 in 24 HOURS

Business-savvy Rebecca Klodinsky, 30, originally studied psychology and forensic science at university, before she turned her mind to affordable swimwear - and now earns over $7 million annually.


Last week, Rebecca held a 'pop-up sale' online, inviting subscribers of Frankii Swim to shop her on-trend bikinis and swimsuits with 90 percent off.

'My thought process is never in line with "regular",' said Klodinsky.

'I was frustrated with not being able to be everywhere my customers wanted us around the world.

'The digital pop-up created instant hysteria, the shop was open for a limited amount of hours only - and it was accessible by the entire world. The results were incredible.

'The pop up shop was password protected, which meant we needed customers to direct message us on Instagram. This increased our overall engagement and also created hype on our feed.

'At one stage I was genuinely scared the site would crash due to the volume of orders we were receiving. 

'But my plan worked. The challenge from here is disrupting the game again.' 

Frankii Swim shot to fame in 2016, after it was worn by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. 


While Rebecca started the business as a 'side project', it wasn't long before her cheeky Brazilian cuts were selling out up and down the country.

'I never set out to pursue a career in this industry,' she previously told Daily Mail Australia.

'Frankii Swim simply started out as a side project at university and eventually the amount of orders took off and outweighed my ability to study and work. 

'I am a creative person and have dabbled in business on the side but I never expected it to grow to this extent.  

'It all started after my sister came home one weekend with a bikini she had just taken off lay-by and I just thought it was crazy that anyone would have to lay-by a staple piece like a bikini.'

Rebecca packed her bag to head overseas to source materials with the bralette style of bikini in her mind - the style of bikini top that is still their most popular today.


'My family and friends said nothing, they just assumed it was another phase I was going through,' she said.

'But I didn't quit and I didn't stop and it took off.'

Rebecca said she first realised the extent of her success when she was sitting at traffic lights after moving to the Gold Coast in Queensland.

'I found out that I made made more in that week than I had in my first six months of business,' she said. 

'That said, despite the growth I myself haven't changed and neither has the integrity of the company.

'I am happy with how we are going and I am not here to take over the industry or change the world.' 

Rebecca said they sell hundreds of bikinis online every day and all over the world.


'We have delivery people who pick up bikinis every day and they are always asking why we are so busy when it's winter in Australia,' Rebecca said.

She credits a lot of her success to playing the 'Instagram game', and 'catching the wave' just as the app took off.

Instagram has played a major role in the brand's success, with the likes of Bella Hadid, members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and Rihanna all donning the minimalist bikinis on social media - Kylie's costing just $100.