Swim Week Calendar is the official global portal for the swimwear industry

The Miami Swim Week official calendar web site, SwimWeekCalendar.com, has debuted a redeveloped site to reflect the multitude of events that encompass a global, year-long swimwear industry. Incorporating events from around the world, the new calendar site will keep track of swimwear events 365 days a year, feature a blog of industry news, trends, and brand profiles; a list of fashion buying, sell, and delivery dates; an updated listing of job postings, and more.

Here’s what you need to know about gaining access to SwimWeekCalendar.com, how it works, and plans for the future.

You have to subscribe.

One can only access SwimWeekCalendar.com by subscribing and paying an annual membership fee. Currently, there is only one level of access, but SWC organizers may add more in the future based on feedback from subscribers. Currently there are 80 subscribers, which include brands, PR companies, buyers and, of course, editors. A one-year subscription, which also includes one free listing and the opportunity to purchase additional listings at a reduced rate, is $50.

It’s a calendar.

Swimweek Calendar looks like any online calendar you might be familiar with, with every confirmed swimwear industry event from around the world already listed there. It’s available as soon as events are confirmed. You can search for designers, market (i.e. women’s or men’s), season or event type (i.e. trade show or party). You can hover over an event to see details like time and location and click on it to see more, such as descriptions of the event, site URL, and RSVP information. The revamped calendar also allows users to export events to their Google and iCal calendars and to map out the venues.


What the site doesn't do..

Swim Week Calendar DOES NOT facilitate media, photographer and/or buyer registration to ANY events
To gain entry to any trade events, fashion shows, parties, etc we suggest you contact the brand or PR agency directly.
*Swim Week Calendar will list contact information ONLY with the authorization of the Brand or its PR representative.

Swim Week Calendar DOES NOT cast models BUT will be happy to make connections between SwimWeekCalendar.com members. 


Swim Week Calendar DOES NOT schedule events BUT we do everything we can to list events on our site as soon as they are confirmed by the event producers/organizers. 

Reach us at  info@swimweekcalendar.com or 305.814.7374

Next up in our endless summer… Miami Swim Week.  Join now for full access and listings.

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