Reformation Is Launching Swimwear So Your Summer Insta-Game Can Be Even Stronger

By: Olivia Bahou

Reformation, the cool-girl brand responsible for those off-the-shoulder tops and breezy wrap dresses you lust over, just took the obsession one step further—it’s launching swimwear.

“As women, we hear a lot of stuff about how we need to get ready for swimsuit season and how we’re supposed to look. But it’s kind of all bullshit,” the brand says in a release.

“For instance, when you think about ‘swimwear’ you might think about supermodels on exotic beaches or bloggers posing on yachts but that’s just not how most of us wear a swimsuit. We get bloated, we get sand in weird places, we sweat, we have nip slips, we oddly don’t enjoy smelling like self-tanner and we didn’t have time to book that wax—or maybe we just didn’t want to.”