Mom Designs the First Swimsuit Especially For Postbaby Bodies

Thanks to two kids in swim class, I'm in the pool twice a week, which means that two out of every seven days, I put on an ill-fitting swimsuit that reminds me how uncomfortable I am with my body. I resigned myself to this setup — I've tried to find a swimsuit that covers my larger-than-usual boobs and both of my butt cheeks that isn't in the maternity section or styled for the previous generation and that doesn't cost half my salary, and let me tell you right now: it does not exist.


Danielle Estrada, founder of family-owned Olivia + Ocean, has found success at making adorable suits for kids but discovered the "universal" frustration her mom shoppers felt. She now hopes to reclaim the "mom swimsuit" label by creating a brand-new line of swimwear made especially for the needs of a postbaby body and the wants of the woman in it: to be comfortable and functional while still being sexy and empowering. 

"I think we can all relate to feeling a little lost when it comes to identifying with our changing body postbaby. This was challenging for me; you really have to relearn what works and makes you feel good," Danielle told POPSUGAR. "What makes it extra tough is no brand is designing suits with these needs as the priority . . . unless you count the cliché mom tankinis and the frumpy ruching."

The idea behind the suit came after a girls' trip to Mexico in which all of her friends had packed the exact same style of wrap dress. "It sparked a conversation about how this cut dress flatters every body type and makes everybody feel really beautiful and confident when they wear it," she said. "A light bulb went off in my head."

The suit she developed follows that classic silhouette and has some seriously impressive features. The tie at the waist can easily open to facilitate poolside nursing, it's lined with high-compression premium lycra for lower tummy support (think of your most trusted pair of yoga pants), and hidden chest pockets hide additional padding you might need. 

As Danielle said, "Moms have been asked to conform their bodies to the swimsuits that are currently on the market." But that — and my twice-a-week reminder that my body isn't what it used to be — ends with the debut of her mom-bod suit line on Feb. 19. "I'm really excited to solve that problem and get everyone feeling like themselves again."

Until they go on sale, get a peek at what the suits look like ahead!