Le Bain de Mer

Le Bain de Mer emerges as a new Caribbean brand that shares human values and an eco-

philosophy through beautiful and sophisticated garments. As a Dominican swimwear brand

founded by the pillars of sustainability, we want to emphasize the preservation of our

beautiful land, corals, ecosystems, and beaches by providing a product that nature



The Le Bain de Mer line is exclusively produced in Brazil - a reference in swimwear - in

accordance to principles of sustainability and environmental preservation. The fabric is

made out of eco-friendly material that dissolves faster in nature than other materials. The

material is called Fluity CO 2 and is biodegradable and has protection against UV rays equal to

or greater than 50+. Our tags will be made out of seed paper that instead of creating waste,

it generates life. Le Bain de Mer has also been cooperating with Grupo Punta Cana´s

ecological reserve where we together will raise awareness of the deteriorating state of our

precious coral reef. We give customers an opportunity to re-connect with nature by

providing something they really desire and we hereby invite people to join us.

Let's plant this idea together!  

 Maria Conceicao's, creator of the brand, inspiration to launch Le Bain de Mer comes from living

and spending time on some of the Caribbean`s finest beaches. "I am in love with the sea" says

Maria. To her, the sea reflects both the strength and fragility of life itself and the connection we

have with nature and ultimately our planet. Her mission with this brand is to promote and protect

the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, to remind people to always come back to the Caribbean,

whether physically or in their hearts when wearing a Le Bain de Mer piece.

Pioneers in business, government and society have the over last years spent considerable

time and resources on how to make consumption more sustainable. One of the results of

this movement is the concept of sustainable development and in order to guarantee a

possible future for upcoming generations, we need to become more eco-efficient. The

fashion industry understands this and brands such as Le Bain de Mer are committed to

make a real difference. This is why They have decided to create eco-friendly clothes.

Le Bain de Mer is an avid supporter of sustainability and they believe they can spread the

message of sustainability in a fun and interesting medium - their beachwear pieces. All the

tags for their clothes are made from paper seed which means that you can plant it and grow

your own herbs - for this collection they are using basil and rocket salad. Nothing goes to

waste. In addition, the tags on their pieces are made out of recycled PET bottle plastic which

has been collected in Brazil. They use fabrics that biodegrades faster in nature and that has

UV protection. Their items are also plastic and adhesive free. Le Bain de Mer does not use plastic

bags for their customers, instead they use handmade artisanal bags, made in a small village in

Brazil out of canvas fabric. They urge all their consumers to use this canvas bag for grocery

shopping, moving etc. instead of using plastic bags, then They know they are making a difference!

Le Bain de Mer has designed a collection that stands for a better tomorrow, but they also wanted

to support something that is going on outside of their company.


Le Bain de Mer´s first collection is a homage towards the endangered coral reefs around the

globe. Here in the Caribbean, as in any place in the world, the reefs are disappearing and they are

disappearing very quickly. They have partnered with Jaques de Queker and together They

 produced a short movie that will further raise awareness of what they are doing to our nature.

Look out for us on cinemas across the Caribbean and the popular social media channels!