Joie Collaborates with Solid & Striped on Swimwear

Embrace joie de vivre this summer with Joie’s new swimwear collaboration with Solid & Striped. The brands are teaming up for a 12-piece Hamptons-approved range of swimwear in blue and white patterns. “This was one of the easiest collections to design. We just made everything we want to wear to the beach. It was my dream vacation take away items, all coordinating back to one another,” Rachel Wilder-Hill, VP of design at Joie, told The Daily. “The inspiration came from a trip to Udaipur [Rajasthan] last spring. There are beautiful blue tiles and tapestries all over the palace. I loved the way they combined all these rich textures and tapestries all playing off the picturesque lake setting.” Prices range from $100 to $238.

Joie is also teaming up with The Beach People on a beach towel ($110), which comes in an exclusive Joie print. Both collaborations are now available at Joie stores and

Via Fashion Daily Weekly 

By Sydney Sadick