Elizabeth Hurley has wowed fans with stunning bikini shots as she promotes her new swimwear line

LIZ Hurley takes her bikini prowess to new levels as she sprawls out in a bright pink two-piece for her latest Instagram portrait.

The 53-year-old actor looked incredible in the pic, which highlighted her slender figure, following her celebration over reaching 100k followers on the social media app, reports The Sun.

Liz, who is mum to 15-year-old Damian, was promoting her new swimwear line in the snap — tagging the brand name, Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

The halter-neck pink number is named Isla and is one of dozens Liz has posed in on her feed lately, to the delight of fans round the globe.

The star of The Royals has stepped back into the public eye this year and she recently attended the Cairo Film Festival.

She also stood shoulder to shoulder with Nicole Scherzinger in eye-popping outfits while serving food at a London gala.

However, following rumours she had got close with her ex Hugh Grant again — as he is a mentor to her son — she has declared that she’s given up on dating as she has no time.

Asked whether she ever went on romantic evening outings, she confessed: “When I’m filming, I don’t go out at all.

“Not at all. I walk in the door and go straight to bed.”

But the star noted she finds it easy to remain friend with her exes such as actor Hugh Grant, former cricketer Shane Warne and Indian textiles heir Arun despite their failed relationships.

She continued: “The thing is if someone’s lovely how could you not be on good terms with them? None of us has ever done anything bad to one another.

“Hugh and Arun are very important in our lives. Shane is still a good friend; we were texting each other last night.”

She added: “Damian loves Shane’s three kids, so we’ll always be connected to each other in one way or another.”

And Liz has literally hundreds of thousands of avid online fans, which she celebrated earlier this month in an ecstatic Instagram post.

After hitting 100k followers, she wrote: “Yay! Thank you.

“Lots more new pictures and videos coming your way,” she wrote in the caption.