Baywatch’s Donna D’Errico models famous red swimsuit again 20 years later – and looks just as good now as she did then!

Modeling a bright red busty swimsuit on a beach in Malibu, Donna, 49, looked just as good as she did 20 years previously

The Playboy playmate-turned-actress even held a red buoy and posed on a lifeguard tower to really revisit her best-known role.

She wore her blonde hair in a middle parting and let it fall over her shoulders.

Changing into a red bikini, she displayed her flat stomach and impressive cleavage in the late afternoon sun.

In between snaps, she smiled brightly, but when posing she opted for a sultry stare.

She dropped to her knees close to the ocean and cheekily looked over her shoulder.

As a rollerblader passed by, Donna’s figure caught his attention and he turned his head to get another look.

The blonde beauty’s shoot coincides with the release of the new Baywatch film adaptation starring Dwayne Johnson and Zach Efron.

The film is “far dirtier” than the TV series with “more gratuitous boobs per minute than you can imagine”, leading man Dwayne has vowed.

Hunky former wrestler The Rock, 44, jumped at the chance to make a movie version of the iconic TV series – which he claims “looks like children’s TV” compared to the filthy big screen version.

The lifeguard series ran from 1989 to 2001 and made superstars of Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff.

He laughed: “ We are far dirtier than the show ever was – obviously the show was a family show on at family time of day – but in the movie we could have been dirtier.

“I think people are going to be shocked that Baywatch has got dirty – but there are a lot of laughs.

“We worked hard to make sure the flesh quota was high, there’s more gratuitous boobs, bums, abs, whatever per minute than you can imagine. Plot was important, don’t get me wrong, but so was sorting out our slow motion runs."