Australian company is now offering custom swimsuits with your pet's face on it


We know you wish you could take your beloved pet with you everywhere. Unfortunately, there are some places our four-legged friends just can't go, including many pools and beaches.

Fortunately, a new product from Petflair will let you channel your furry friend for a day of sun and fun — by plastering them across your body.

Forget wet suits. From now on, it's all about pet suits.

The Australian-based company, founded by an Olympic water polo player, gathered a following on Kickstarter before launching the products online. All you have to do is upload a photo of your pet, and Petflair will scale it to fit various design options for men and women, which run from $59 to $99.

Dogs, cats, rabbits ... all animals are accepted at the venerable house of Petflair.

If the idea of a pet swimsuit strikes you as less Fido, more Fi-don't, Petflair also offers towels and tote bags.

While there's no denying the suits are silly, they're for a good cause: Petflair donates 25 percent of the profits to Pound Paws, a charity that helps find abandoned pets a new home.

And hey, what could be a cuter Christmas card photo than you and your pooch twinning!