2019 Hottest Swimwear Trends

Maredamare—the benchmark exhibition trade show for Italian beachwear, accessories and lingerie industries, taking place July 14-16 in Florence, Italy—reveals four main beachwear trends for Season 2019, as identified by the world’s top trend forecasters. Look out for these four trends to pop up during the 2019 swimwear season:

Botanical Bliss

This season swimwear will include a tribute to the magnificence and brilliance of nature, featuring high-definition saturated images of flowers, fruits and leaves. A snapshot of paradise in eye-popping color.


The trend of mesmerizing abstract compositions featuring graphics, symbols and print-mixing; a kaleidoscope of brilliant color in the language of the future is the look of the season.

Cut Outs

This upcoming season it is all about transforming the look of swimwear and beachwear in innovative and extraordinary ways, from romantic styles to sexy and even athletic silhouettes. Cut outs in all shapes and forms are welcome.

Nomadic Attitude

Tribal prints and ethnic journeys along with cultural, animal and ancestral symbolism are the trendy sophisticated style of the season.