Caribbean Dreaming – Kriss Soonik Loungerie


I have been a fan of the Kriss Soonik brand for years (even carried the label in my former boutique) so it’s a pleasure to have this platform to be able to share the current collection! The new SS17 season adds sparkle and shine to the familiar styles we love, and also introduces a few new shapes such as the sporty-looking Ilona group. The latest campaign, Caribbean Dreaming, shows us the playful styling options of Kriss Soonik and its appeal as lingerie-as-outerwear.  As usual, we are presented with images that are playful and cheeky, but this season seems especially fun.  The designer’s intent was to create something that reminds us to celebrate the small joys in life.  Kriss shares that “When you just don´t have the time for a vacation, you can always create your own sunshine. Take time off in small portions and enjoy these small fun moments in life. We always want more but sometimes we just have to make the most of what we already have.”  Playing dress-up and acting silly in lingerie are a fine example of doing just that! We might not be able to run off and relax in the Caribbean anytime we want, but no one can stop us from dreaming!  Just slip into the new arrivals from Kriss Soonik and let your imagination whisk you away!